With the high-school “award” jacket as the foundation of what we create here at Settlemier’s Award Jackets and Logos, we are always working with the belief that each jacket we make is one-of-a-kind.  If you consider that each high school varsity jacket is made to the size of one specific student, in their neighborhood school’s colors, embellished with their name and unique accomplishments on it, ordered in the company of proud parents at their local stores, you can understand how each one is different from the next.  And also how each jacket can mean the world to a student and their family.


We think this is why our quality and standards have been a huge part of our success— because we have no margins to hide behind and no details that can be overlooked.  Engrained into everyday production, we strive to bring that same care to every jacket we make, and in turn to the Settlemier’s-made products you offer to your retail customers.  Backed with direct, caring, and knowledgable customer service that goes above and beyond to meet your specific needs and questions, Settlemier’s hopes to be a part of your success and family for many years.


Please contact us via email or phone for all your wholesale inquiries. 

Becoming a Dealer

Settlemier’s Jackets offers wholesale pricing for qualified dealers who want to sell our crafted varsity style jackets.  Dealers become qualified by first ordering at least 5 jackets to act as an in-store/home size-run for your customers to try on and find the best size for their needs (a very important step for high school students who most likely will be still growing).  Suggested size-run jacket size are XS(36), S(38), M(42), L(46), XL(48), and 2XL(50).  

This size-run also offers a great way to show of jackets in your local schools’ colors, as well to display a range of Settlemier’s jacket options you might choose to offer your customers.

This initial order must be purchased via C.O. D., and once it is place a minimum of 20 per year must be ordered to maintain our lowest wholesale pricing structure.

Group Discounts

Group discount pricing is also offered by Settlemier’s Jackets for teams, clubs, corporate orders, clothing lines, etc.  Jackets ordered 5+ at time will qualify for less-than-retail pricing by percentage discount, which increases if your order falls between quantities of 10-20, 20-50, 50+. 

Panel Program

For those businesses and groups who do not require Settlemier’s to decorate their jackets with chenille patches or direct embroidery— and who choose not to have us install a zip-open jacket lining— we offer a shipped-out panel program to meet your needs.  We can ship you the cut jacket panels before they are sewn together so you or your preferred embellishment shop can add the patchwork.  Simply send them back and Settlemier’s can complete the jacket construction.