Getting your student-athlete or academic all-star a varsity award jacket is a very unique experience.  Considering the fact that each jacket needs to be crafted in order to fit the specific size, name, school colors, and achievements of you or your student, you can recognize that these jackets just can’t be bought off-the-shelf.  This is what makes the American varsity jacket such a special product. 

The very best way to order your jacket is to find a local Settlemier’s dealer in your area who best knows your school’s colors, mascots, and current trends.  Bring the student with you (with their award letter) to get fitted, pick out a jacket style, order custom patches, and more.  Knowing the jacket will be made-to-order just as you want it, to be a part of the process, to truly make the jacket one-of-a-kind is what the essence of the lettermen process and Settlemier’s Award Jackets is all about.  

Adding to whole process is knowing that you are giving back to your local economy, and that you are getting a high-quality American-made product that you can be proud of on so many levels!

Check out our list of dealers to find the one right for you, or visit your local sporting goods/student store and ask them if they offer Settlemier’s Award Jackets for your school.



For those of you in the Portland, Oregon / Vacouver, Washington area please come visit Settlemier’s Jackets directly at our factory store!  From Gresham Gophers to Fort Vancouver Trappers we have all the patches and colors and knowledge you need to get your unique high school varsity jacket.

For local brands or companies or individuals looking for jackets, patches or embroidery, we are here to serve your needs as well.  Send us your custom art or stop by and check us out to get inspired.